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Vintage B-P Scouting 1st Centennial Badge

These are NOS 'B-P Scouting' badges, presented here as a fundraiser for the QM Store. 

These are NOT authorized for wear on the BPSA-US uniform, unless you were a member of B-P Scouting in 2007.

The BPS 1st Centennial badge was originally created as a fundraiser for BPS in 2006. We are continuing the original intent as a fundraiser to help cover the costs of adding authentic British Llama Braid to our inventory.

Anyone who was a member of BPS in 2007 is authorized to wear them on the left sleeve, midway between the shoulder and elbow.

Prices reflect the fundraiser nature of this collection. Contact the QM if you are an original BPS member and want copies of these vintage badges at a reduced cost.