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Esbit Trekking Alcohol Stove Cookset

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CS985HA Alcohol Stove & Trekking Cookset

  • 985 ml pot with volume indicator in liter / oz. and 470 ml pot that also serves as lid.
  • Pots include 2 hinged, stainless steel grips.
  • Includes stand, 985 ml pot, 470 ml pot, alcohol burner, and base for a solid fuel tablet.
  • Constructed from extremely light, hard-anodized aluminum.
  • Alcohol burner constructed from brass with a screw top and rubber gasket.
  • Alcohol burner has variable temperature control with a fold-away handle that helps to regulate or extinguish flame.
  • Stand, alcohol burner, and solid fuel base can be transported in big pot.
  • Stores in included mesh bag.