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Harris Kilt Hose - Tartan (Dark) Green

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Fully seam free kilt hose, allowing a much better fit for those with larger calves.  While these hose work perfectly well for men with average sized calves, the natural stretch of the material allows them to fit calves up to 26" in circumference!  Ribbed leg and a subtle cable pattern cuff.  The Harris hose are made from a 3ply Merino wool/acrylic blend.  They are made with a fully reinforced foot, which not only adds to the comfort when wearing, but signifigantly extends the life of the hose.  Most socks wear out first in the heel and toe; the reinforced foot helps keep wear and tear at bay, making these hose a smart investment.

Machine washable in cool water on the gentle/delicate cycle.  Allow to air dry


Merino/Acrylic 85%, Nylon 10%, Lycra 5%