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Baden-Powell Service Assoc. Quartermasters

OSG Name Strip

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"Outdoor Service Guides" Name Strip, worn centered on top of right pocket flap.

The alternate "WSA" version is only for Scouts that have completed the requirements to wear the World Scouting Award badge. It is a combined version of the name strip and stand-alone WSA badge.

The WSA is an award for international scouting. OSG-US scouts who travel abroad to scout with another scouting association can wear the award while on their journey, where it can serve as a form of national identification, and thereafter in remembrance of the journey/experience.

  • The Award is available to scouts in all official OSG-US sections.
  • To qualify, the Scout must participate at an official scouting event/camp in a foreign country.
  • GSMs and section leaders can issue the WSA upon verification of a qualifying planned or completed foreign visit.
  • Scouts may begin wearing the WSA when their travel to the event commences, not before.
  • The standard WSA can also be awarded to foreign scouts who join OSG-events in the uniform of their non-domestic Association. They can wear/display the WSA per their Association policies.

These are for Rovers and Pathfinders only.