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RO Bush Hat

Optional Bush (Boonie) Hat for Rovers, in Forest Green.

From TAG Safari:

 This Wide Brim Hat is easily packable and crushable to make it easy to take with you on Safari. The natural cotton material keeps you cool all day long and the wide brim protects you against the harsh African Sun. Safari season is normally in the African winter time, May thru August, when the sun is not directly hot, however, protection against UV rays is important, and these hats will afford you the comfort you deserve.

Size S M L XL 2XL
Metric Size 56 58 60 61 62
Imperial Size 6 7/8" 7 to 7 1/8" 7 1/4" to 7 3/8" 7 1/2" to 7 5/8" 7 3/4"
Circumference 22" 23" 23 1/2" 24" 24 1/2"


* Tag garments are pre-washed and pre-shrunk. The variations in pressing, shading, and sizing are a normal part of the process used to obtain the special features.

* The dyes used in these garments are of the finest quality. For best results, prior to wearing, these garments should be washed separately to remove any excess or residual color.

* Designed and field tested in mother natures' most rugged test lab, the African Bushveld.


QM Note:

  • All sizes are currently on special order from the factory in Zimbabwe, and are only available for pre-order at this time (except for a few XL that I have in stock).
  • Take care if you remove the TAG tag, or you'll need to re-stitch the seam (as I did).
  • I have also applied ScotchGard to mine, but haven't had a good downpour to test it in, yet.