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Baden-Powell Service Assoc. Quartermasters

WSA Badge

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The World Scouting Award is an award for international scouting. OSG-US scouts who travel abroad to scout with another scouting association can wear the award while on their journey, where it can serve as a form of national identification, and thereafter in remembrance of the journey/experience.

  • The Award is available to scouts in all official OSG sections.
  • To qualify, the Scout must participate at an official scouting event/camp in a foreign country.
  • GSMs and section leaders can issue the WSA upon verification of a qualifying planned or completed foreign visit.
  • Scouts may begin wearing the WSA when their travel to the event commences, not before.
  • The standard WSA can also be awarded to foreign scouts who join OSG events in the uniform of their non-domestic Association. They can wear/display the WSA per their Association policies.
  • An alternate combined name strip and WSA is available.